Dual Enrollment


Features of the Logistics Dual Enrollment Program:

  • The Delgado Community College Logistics Dual Enrollment Program offers high school students online logistics courses for college credit and testing for industry based certifications for each of these courses.
  • The course and industry based certification testing will be delivered at the high school classroom and will be facilitated and monitored by the high school instructor. The online courses will be delivered by the Delgado logistics program instructor, the instructor of record. These are classified as hybrid courses, meaning that it is online material delivered and taught in a classroom.
  • A student may take one course per high school semester for the junior and senior years. This will include Introduction to Logistics, Transportation Management, Supply Chain Management and Warehouse and Inventory Management. All course material is online and included in the course delivery and therefore, there are no text book costs for any of these courses. All certification testing is done at the high school, so there is no need for student transportation arrangements.

These are the courses offered:

  • MANG 206 Introduction to Logistics
  • MANG 208 Transportation Management
  • MANG 229 Supply Chain Management
  • MANG 230 Warehouse and Inventory Management

Student Requirements for Participation:

For acceptance into the Dual Enrollment Program, students must:

Have parental and school administration permission

Be a junior or senior; in some instances, sophomores may be eligible

Be eligible for course(s) per ACT score or DCC placement test scores

Must have a 2.0 G.P.A on a 4.0 scale and be in good standing as defined by the high school

To receive TOPS Tech Early Start funding, students must be a junior or senior.

How Do We Enroll Students?

  • For first time dual enrollment students, there are two parts to the application.
  • One is online. This creates a Delgado student identification so that the student can be enrolled as a Delgado student which will enable student access to Delgado courses. This is a one-time application for a student. The student ID remains the same for all future Delgado courses.
  • The second part is a paper application which is the application for dual enrollment using the TOPS program, which could fund part or all of the course tuition. This application must be completed for every dual enrollment course the student will take.

High School Dual Enrollment Instructions

For first time dual enrollment students, there are two application parts.

  1. The Online Application:

Instructions for Finding the Dual Enrollment Applications on the Delgado Website:

  • Go to the Delgado Community College website
  • Click on Admissions
  • Select Apply Now
  • Scroll down to Credit Courses and select it.
  • Select High School Dual Enrollment
  • On the High School Dual Enrollment Page, at the bottom of the page, select click here to apply for admission. You will be sent to a page that requires a LOLA login and password. There is a link under the login button that says “First time user account creation” click that and create a login and password.  The student will be automatically routed to the online application. Complete the application online and click on “application is complete” to send it for processing by Delgado Dual Enrollment. You should receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes.
  1. The Paper Application:
  • The TOPS Tech Application (The paper application)    is the printed application that must be completed by the student, collected by the class teacher, delivered to the high school counselor and mailed by the high school counselor to the Delgado Dual Enrollment Office. It must be submitted each semester for student enrollment. You may download the PDF form HERE.

Counselors Please Note:  The high school semester schedules for start and finish dates are not the same as the Delgado start and finish dates. The college semester starts before the high school semester starts. Therefore, the high school student dual enrollment applications must be completed and sent to the Delgado Dual Enrollment Office before the start of the high school semester.  Please check with the Delgado Dual Enrollment Office for the semester due dates for submitting your student applications.

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